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Multiple Flash


Lighting Diagram

Dance and gymnastics instructor Ken Braso teaches his advanced ballet class at Dancearts of Columbia. He moved to Dancearts two years ago.

My classmate Sara and I shot at a dance studio called Dancearts of Columbia. The room had a mirrored wall along one entire side and the rest of the room was white. We were in a giant soft box. I decided with the ballet theme it was time to play with some shadows for intensity. I set the stationary flash in the back right corner of the studio pointing toward almost the center of the room. I set that to be my key light and boosted it up about two exposures. I kept one flash on camera to use as a fill light. The flash on the camera was at a negative one exposure at ¼ power and I usually bounced it. The lights in the room were fluorescent so there was a little mixing of light but I believe I closed off my lens enough so that it wasn’t bothersome. I was usually shooting at ISO 100, f/6.3 and between 1/100 to 1/250 of a second.

For my select I caught a little more shadow than I would have liked but I think the picture is very journalistic. The other pictures I liked just didn’t have that interaction I wanted.

Ballet students leap into the air during an exercise.

Advanced ballet students using a bar for balance as they practice.


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