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Video Interview

Interview with classmate Christie Megura.

For this assignment we used a green screen for the interview. Yes, that black background was actually green when I shot it. Crazy right?!

My reading on the green screen was around f/4.8 for each corner. I set the camera to ISO 1600 and the white balance on ambient light. I metered the bright side of her face at f/5.6 and the shadowed side at f/2.8. I ended up shooting the video at f/6.3 at 1/30 of a second.

If I were to shoot this again I would have framed her a bit closer and more centered. I think she was a bit too far to one side. For the audio, we tested the mics and from the camera playback they sounded fine. I also did a silence test to see if it was picking up on the ambient sound outside and the bars on the audio display didn’t move so I assumed it wasn’t reading anything. I was wrong:( When I played it back in Final Cut I could hear some of the students that were talking outside of the interview room but in my final clip it’s hard to notice.

One problem I found with the chroma key, the tool to change the green screen color, is that Christie was wearing a black shirt so when I changed the background to black her body disappeared almost entirely except for the highlights on her clothes. I brightened her a bit in color correction mode and that looked fine on the computers in the photolab but when I played it back at home she looked a little abnormally bright. I think it would have been perfect otherwise. I like how the fades and transitions worked out. She was a pretty good interviewee too.




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